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To change the limits of card payments, ATM withdrawals and modify your online payments, contact our helpline.
+420 955 512 230

You can enable or disable online payments when opening your account or anytime thereafter.

Benefit from secure online card payments?

When making online card payments, you should prefer online stores that support 3D Secure technology for secure payments. Such stores feature the following logos: 


You could also come across older logos:

Mastercard SecureCode     Verified by VISA

We advise you not to shop with unsecured merchants. 

When paying online, you can be asked to provide following:

  • card number and validity, type of card (Visa / Mastercard), a card holder name (all of them can be usually found on the front side of the card),
  • 3-digit verification code – you can come across following shortcuts: CVV / CVV2 / CVC / CVC2 (the code can be found on the back of your card next to the strip for signature).

The merchant must not ask you for your PIN code in any case, never disclose your PIN code.

When shopping online with 3D Secure merchants, you will be asked to check payment data directly during your purchase and to enter a one-time password sent to your mobile phone assigned to your payment card. In some cases, you only need to check payment data without submitting the one-time password.

You can change your telephone number in your internet banking. 

Additional information
  • The limit for online payments is included in the limit for POS payments
  • Online paymets are allowed with all the cards issued by Komeční banka, excluding some special cards e.g. deposit cards

Updated: 26. 03. 2020

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