Do you regularly go over your card transactions and something does not add up? Do not hesitate to contact the KB Card Customer Service at 955 512 230. We will check the relevant transaction with you and explain everything if you need to file a complaint.

Where and how can you check card transactions?

We all want to keep track of our money – so what is the best way to check your card transactions?

It is useful to keep receipts for all card payments. You can then simply check your card transactions against your receipts – using the MojeBanka or Mobilní banka applications, for example. Naturally, you can still review all settled card transactions based on your current account statement or credit account statement (for a credit card). 

For better control in real time, you can use the “Payment notifications” service – simply activate it in your MojeBanka Internet banking (go to Settings – Payment notifications – Card usage). What do payment notifications mean? Once a card payment exceeds your defined limit, we will notify you via a text message (SMS) or email of your choice.

And what if you discover any irregularities? Do not hesitate to contact the KB Card Customer Service at 955 512 230 (available 24/7) – we will discuss your next steps.

Filing a complaint

Your card transaction complaint must be filed in a timely manner. The whole process is very straightforward. There is no need to go anywhere – you can conveniently take care of everything using your mobile of Internet banking. Simply find the relevant payments in your transaction history and the system will take you through the entire complaint procedure.

In order to initiate a compliant procedure, we need you to submit documents relating to your purchase (invoices, receipts, orders or communications with merchants).

Did not find an answer?

Did not find an answer?

KB Card Customer Service

Tel.:+420 955 512 230


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