Mobilní banka

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Take your bank
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Available for Android, iOS, and Windows

Also submit payment orders by scanning QR codes

You can use the app with up to 4 paired devices

Immediate information about your account transactions and balance


  • PUSH notifications – your app will automatically inform you about account transactions

  • New indication of unexecuted payments in the product overview

  • Scan QR payments from a file – no need to take a photo of a QR code

  • Most frequently used countries will be displayed in a list when submitting SEPA payments

  • Standing orders are sorted chronologically by scheduled dates of payment

  • App also available for Apple Watch and Microsoft HoloLens or Xbox One (Windows)


  • In order to use the application your mobile phone must support data services and you must enable Mobilní banka in your MojeBanka internet banking
  • Mobilní banka is available nonstop from any device, in which the app can be installed
  • Application can also be used on tablets – pair up to 4 devices
  • You do not have to be a KB client in order to use the service
  • See other information about the app or contact us at 955 551 552

Mobilní banka will allow you to:

  • Manage your standing orders and direct debits, express payments, and SEPA payments
  • Arrange a meeting with your relationship manager
  • Log in using your fingerprint
  • Submit payment orders by scanning QR codes
  • Manage your payment order template
  • Check your account balance
  • Share information with internet banking
  • Benefit from Lady Card / Sphere card bonus programmes
  • Top up your pay-as-you-go phone
  • Get contact information for KB, e.g. for your relationship manager
  • View and administer all payment cards 
  • View the current value of your investment in Amundi funds or your credit card even without a current account
  • Create and share your own QR payments (Pay Me)
  • Search for the nearest ATM or branch
  • Take out travel insurance from anywhere


  • Other benefits available with the Android operating system
  • Received payments are now shown in green
  • Make POS mobile phone payments
  • Define shortcut in the app icon for Android 7.1 or higher

You can install the app with Android 4.1 or higher.

View app screenshots and video guides.

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Other benefits available with the iOS operating system:

  • You can now change the app language
  • Use 3D Touch – e.g. to quickly show transaction details
  • Pay Vodafone invoices
  • Create your own card design

You can also install the app on Apple Watch. This will allow you to:

  • Display account balance for a selected account (also credit card/foreign currency account)
  • Show account balance in Apple Watch shortcuts
  • Overview of debit/credit card transactions
  • View payment history, including transaction details – information about incoming and outgoing payments (date, name and number of the counterparty’s account, payment description, place where a card is used, etc.)
  • Last 50 transactions shown in your history
  • Search for the nearest KB ATM
  • Application is significantly faster after the latest update

You can install the app with iOS 9.0 or higher.

View app screenshots and video guides.

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Other benefits available with the Windows operating system:

  • You can now change the application design
  • View your building society savings, supplementary pension insurance, and other policies
  • Try a DEMO version of the app

You can also use the app with your Xbox ONE or Microsoft HoloLens.

  • Use virtual reality to leaf through the tabs, view your account balance, check the transaction history, manage your payment cards or view messages
  • Use a virtual keyboard to complete your payment orders
  • See your account balance on an active system tile – no need to log in

You can install the app with Windows Mobile 10 / Windows 10 or higher.

View app screenshots and video guides.

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  • Present 2 identity documents such as your identity card and driving licence
  • App is available for anyone over the age of 8