• Switch your bank

Switch your bank

We will close your old account for you and move everything to KB
Switch your account
We will open a new account for you in KB
We will open a new KB account for you,
if you don't have one yet
We will simply move your old account

We will transfer your balance and standing orders
from your account in another bank

We will terminate all services

If you wish, we will terminate all services
at your old bank for you

You can handle everything

You can arrange everything at our branches
or using your internet banking

How to apply for account switch

I am not a KB client yet

First, open an account online or at a branch. You can choose from 4 plans that offer accounts as well as other products and services that you often use.

I am a KB client

You can apply for an account switch in your internet banking or at a branch. You can move your services to a newly opened account or an existing one.

Account switch process

We will handle the switch

There is no need to visit your old bank any more. We will handle the following for you:

  • Transfer of your standing orders
  • Direct debit mandates
  • Setting up payment orders with future maturity
  • Transfer of your old account balance to a new account
  • We will notify your old bank of the account switch and we will even close your old account if you wish

The next steps are up to you

Who to notify and things to remember in the event of an account switch:

  • Notify your employer of your new account number
  • Change your account number on your invoices and notify your regular customers
  • In case you have any direct debit mandates, notify the relevant collecting institutions (water, gas, heating, etc.) of your new account number
  • If you use payment order templates, do not forget to set them up for your new account as well
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Open an account

Choose from one of our 4 new plans which offer you accounts and other services you often use.

More about plans

Switch to KB

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via our Infoline at 800 521 521