Fidoo for businesses and corporations

Digitalize your business finance. All digitally in one place

I am interested
Connection to a company account and KB cards
Easy and fast billing
Setting budgets, limits, teams,
projects and much more
Digitization of receipts and administration
business trips
Data transfer to accounting or
ERP system

Main benefits Fidoo

  • Effective replacement of cash, petty cash, and paper agendas (forms, statements, copying)
  • Flexible setting of limits and card top-up methods using the Fidoo app
  • Instant recharge of Fidoo accounts for KB clients and instant top-up of Fidoo cards
  • Quick implementation process (within 14 days)
  • Complete control over expenditure and cash flow management throughout your company
  • Remote cash available for anyone in the company
  • Personal or team Fidoo cards within 3 to 5 business days
  • Automation of workflows for accounting department

Why Fidoo

  • You will get a simple and effective tool for your employees, which they will like immediately
  • You will get rid of manual copying of receipts, filling in forms or excel. Take care of your company's finances digitally and in complete peace of mind
  • You will have an edge in digitizing your corporate finances and digital communication. The state and the state administration support digitization, and even today, for example, it is possible to completely digitize all accounting documents. Fidoo will advise you on how to do it