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In Komerční banka, you can open accounts not only in Czech crowns, but also in foreign currencies included in the list of exchange rates.

As part of the cash management services, we can also assist with opening bank accounts in countries where the financial group Société Générale operates.

If you wish to get more information about specific terms and conditions regarding individual currencies, do not hesitate to contact your relationship manager.

In cooperation with the Société Générale Group, we would like to offer several solutions for secure and convenient management of your accounts.

Komerční banka eBanking

  • MojeBanka Business – secure solution that allows communication with the bank in the area of payments
  • Mobilní Banka Business – secure mobile application that allows you to control your company’s finances, anytime and anywhere
  • Profibanka – secure and comprehensive solution for corporate payment transactions directly from your computer
  • MultiCash – access to an international multibank system that allows you to manage accounts in different banks and countriesátu

Société Générale eBanking

Société Générale is a financial group with extensive international presence, operating in more than 60 countries worldwide. Thanks the affiliation of Komerční banka with the financial group Société Générale, we will help you find the optimal solution and recommend appropriate tools in the area of international cash management.

With highly secured banking network and instruments developed by Société Générale, companies can manage their cash flows on accounts maintained abroad.

  • Global Cash – internet banking of the Société Générale Group represents a universal solution for easy and secure management of company accounts maintained by Société Générale Group banks as well as third-party banks
  • Sogecash SWIFTNet – electronic banking of the Société Générale Group that allows access to a highly secure and reliable SWIFT network, through which you can send and receive financial reports, payment orders, and account statements
  • Sogecash SFTP – “host-to-host” solution for highly secure transfers of data and payment files between clients’ accounting systems and the bank, allowing secure and easy management of cash flows in several countries or banks simultaneously
  • SIAM - Sogecash International Account Management allows centrally managed groups to manage their cash flows from a single location via SWIFT communication in the XML or MT format

Speed, reliability and convenience. Payments are remitted and credited continuously throughout the day. These are the key benefits of payment transactions executed via Komerční banka. You may use a wide range of additional services or execute transactions in foreign currencies that are not included in the list of exchange rates.

  • Domestic payments – one-time or standing payment orders, direct debits, express orders in CZK between KB accounts or to accounts in other Czech banks.
  • Foreign payments – make foreign currency payments to accounts in Czech banks or payment in CZK or foreign currencies abroad. Payments in EUR, USD, and a number of other currencies. Special terms applicable to payments to/from our branch in Slovakia.
  • SEPA payments – transfers in EUR within the Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA).
  • SEPA direct debits – transfers in EUR made from a payer’s account upon instruction of the beneficiary within the Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA).
  • Debit cards – debit cards are issued to your company’s current accounts in CZK and/or foreign currencies. In addition to secure payments and ATM withdrawals/deposits, debit cards also offer a wide range of supplementary services according to your company’s needs
  • Credit cards – finance your company’s operations with a grace period
  • Deposit card – it allows quick and secure cash deposits to an account, to which it is issued

Card acquiring

Increase the revenue and prestige of your company by allowing customers to pay for goods and services by payment cards at KB Smartpay terminals. You will be able to accept payment cards of the widely used card associations issued by any bank in the Czech Republic or abroad.

  • If you have a foreign currency account with Komerční banka (EUR, USD, GBP or RUB), you will certainly appreciate the opportunity to accept card payments in these currencies, while not losing money on exchange rate differences.
  • Card acquiring also eliminates unnecessary cost of holding cash in your premises and cash deposits to bank accounts.
  • We also offer acceptance of foreign cards with DCC that allows you to benefit from additional revenue.
  • Do you own or operate an online store? Payment gateway from KB Smartpay will allow you to accept online payments for goods and services.
  • We accept nearly all types of payment cards - MasterCard, MasterCard Electron, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, V Pay, Diners Club/Discover, and UnionPay. We can also arrange acceptance of American Express cards.
  • Take advantage of deposit ATMs from Komerční banka for quick cash processing
  • With a deposit card, you can deposit up to CZK 300,000 to your account through a single deposit
  • In order to ensure quick and discreet cash deposits in CZK and foreign currencies (included in our list of exchange rates), you can also use closed packages to deposit cash to an account maintained by KB at a KB branch or nigh vaults that are available 24/7

Liquidity optimisation

Liquidity optimisation is becoming an increasingly important issue. One of the available instruments is Cash pooling:

  • It ensures automatic settlement of positive or negative balances in accounts of your company or group of related companies
  • It optimises interest income and expense for connected accounts, thereby reducing the need for debt funding for your company – allowing it to better plan its future development with its own funds

Banking identity

Banking identity saves time and costs associated with client password administration. It will help you simplify administration and minimise the signing of paper contracts with your customers. With banking identity, you can verify your clients’ identity online.

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