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Low interest rate loans
for municipalities,
housing fund and residential
building owners 

Easy management of finances received from the Fund (FRB)

Keep the funds in a secure place

Benefit from monthly reports on defaulting clients

Also available for individuals and businesses


  • This product will allow you to receive and redistribute financial support from the Housing Development Fund (FRB) intended for maintenance of existing housing fund – i.e. low interest rate loans to municipalities from the government.
  • Financial support from FRB is also available to private residential house and apartment owners in municipalities – specific-purpose loan accounts
  • Simple administration of received financial support
  • This product will also allow you to:
    • Monitor transfer of funds to associated special purpose loan accounts
    • Monitor deadlines for loan drawdowns
    • Regular monitoring of overdue balances repayment – regular monthly reports for municipalities prepared by KB  
  • Financial funds from the government loan may only be used after a municipal decree comes into effect and an agreement is concluded with a financial institution
  • Eligibility rules for the support are defined by the Ministry of Regional Development
  • Process of granting loans to residential building owners is regulated by a municipal decree
  • Rules for using financial funds from the Fund:
    • In compliance with its decree, the given municipality shall deposit funds from an FRB loan into special current account (FRB current account)
    • Lump-sum repayment of the loan – within 10 years from the day it is granted
    • In a special decree, the given municipality shall specify the form of assistance, amounts of individual loan types, and their maturity and interest rates

This product is intended for municipal legal entities. It is intended for receiving financial funds from the Czech Housing Development Fund (FRB).