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No need to rush
to the bank with

Simply upload information about
your accounts receivable online.

Install the conversion software free of charge

Complete overview of incoming payments from our bank

Any foreign currency amounts are automatically converted to CZK

Simply use your electronic signature


Quick and simple solution for businesses and companies, who wish to secure their active transactions by means of accounts receivable pledging.


  • Lists of accounts receivable are uploaded through regular batches via MojeBanka and Profibanka
  • Accounts receivable are pledged on the basis of an electronic signature of a client and the bank
  • Selected accounting software solutions are also compatible with the system – simply upload entries from your accounting software and send them via internet banking
  • Benefit from a universal conversion software that allows you to upload accounts receivable lists from other applications – we will ensure the conversion software installation free of charge
  • Pledge accounts receivable in foreign currencies – amounts are automatically converted to their CZK equivalents

List of accounting software solutions with Electronic AR Pledging module for KB