Flexible form of trade receivables financing with optional protection against insolvency of customers.

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Quick access to funds

Receive 70 to 90% of financed receivables

Offer better commercial terms to your customers

Monitor the status of your receivables online


Companies and sole traders who supply goods or provide services to regular customers on a regular basis


  • Factoring is financing of trade receivablesoptionally with protection against customers’ insolvency
  • Administration and collection of short-term receivables with a deferred maturity of up to 90 days
  • Standard financing between 70 and 90% of invoiced amount, in exceptional cases up to 100%
  • Draw funds based on the total value of deliveries
  • With factoring, you can offer your customers more attractive commercial terms, thereby promoting the competitiveness of your company
  • Select at least three domestic and/or foreign customers with a total annual turnover of no less than CZK 10 million for the purpose of factoring

Factoring facilitates electronic communication with a factoring company, enabling online:

  • Assignment of invoices
  • Communication regarding the status of receivables
  • Receipt of invoices for services (commission, interest, fees)

Immediate access to funds

  • Improve your company’s liquidity
  • Flexible financing instrument based on the value of deliveries
  • Receive payment immediately after you deliver goods or provide services
  • Equivalent to short-term loan
  • Payments from the customer received within 60 days from maturity will be reported to the client; however, no interest as sanctions or penalties is charged
  • No need for the client to recover debts from its customers   

Higher competitiveness

  • With factoring, you can offer longer maturity to your customers, up to 90 days as a standard and 120 days in exceptional cases
  • Optional open trading account for your trade partners
  • No need to apply for a letter of credit, and  you still receive protection against your customers’ insolvency
  • Clients only need a commercial contract with customers, comprising basic information about the transaction/delivery and standard documents relating to such delivery  

Factoring costs

  • One-off factoring fee and interest on pre-financing are charged for factoring services
  • Cost of factoring can be partially included in the prices of deliveries
  • Client in fact provides its customers with supplier credit

This product is intended for companies and sole traders who supply goods or provide services to regular customers on a regular basis. 

Factoring is not suitable for:

  • Receivables that cannot be freely assigned
  • Receivables that have been pledged to third parties
  • Receivables that arise from reciprocal delivery arrangements
  • Intercompany receivables and receivables from related parties

See detailed information about Factoring KB.