Agroloan Premium
Finance agricultural technology and machinery under special terms
  • Financial bonus of up to 3% of the loan amount
  • Loan with lowest mandatory interest rate with support by PGRLF
EuroCreative Loan
A corporate loan that benefits from a guarantee given by the European Investment Fund
  • Loan amount of up to CZK 52 million

  • For projects within the cultural or creative sector

Funding and operating a company fleet with attractive benefits
  • Attractive car prices and associated services

  • Free access to internet applications

Lease finance for business investments over CZK 1 million, with an option to purchase leased assets
  • Cover lease payments from the revenue of your investment

  • Optimise your investment revenue and expenditure

Loans Supported by NRB a.s.
Loans with a bank guarantee by Národní rozvojová banka under special terms
  • Guarantee covering up to 80% of the loan principal
  • Loan processing free of charge
Ponte II programme
A loan for pre-financing or co-financing of projects with EU or other grants
  • Monthly or quarterly interest payments

  • Comprehensive advisory services KB EU Point

Real Estate Financing
Financing of logistics, office or residential projects intended for lease or sale
  • We will assist you with large-scale investment projects

  • Separate current account for project financing