For rural and urban development,
as well as environmental protection 

Up to 50% of cost

Loan of up to CZK 60 million under special terms

Loans available in CZK or other currencies

Receive an interest rate bonus of up to 0.22% p.a.

Combine KB funds and grants to finance your projects


  • Subsidised loan provided by the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) in cooperation with Komerční banka
  • Loan amount of CZK 1 million to CZK 60 million, or higher upon individual assessment
  • Funding available in CZK or other currencies – based on your requirements
  • Special interest rate with maximum discount of 0.22 % p.a. – specific amount depends on the share of CEB funds
  • Receive up to 50% of project cost from CEB funds. Remaining cost can be financed from funds provided by Komerční banka, grants or your own funds (total project cost cannot include financial cost (e.g. debt settlement, refinancing, interest, registered capital acquisitions, etc.) and VAT claims)
  • CEB funds may be used to finance projects in the following areas:
    • Improvement of living conditions in rural and urban areas
    • Natural or ecological disasters
    • Environmental protection

Improvement of living conditions in rural and urban areas:

  • Development of industrial premises – technical infrastructure, such as water, electricity, gas supplies, sewer lines, waste management
  • Road infrastructure and maintenance – local (rural) transportation infrastructure
  • Basic educational and health facilities – social, cultural and sports centres, such as playgrounds and parks, exhibition sites, theatres, and libraries
  • Irrigation networks in rural areas
  • Investments in municipal infrastructure

Natural or ecological disasters:

  • Reconstruction and repair of damaged or destroyed property
  • Projects aimed at preventing damage caused by natural or ecological disasters, particularly floods, fires, tornadoes, or earthquakes 

Environmental protection:

  • Liquid/solid waste reduction and treatment
  • Cleaning and protection of surface and groundwater
  • Decontamination of soils
  • Noise protection
  • Energy production from renewable sources (not industrial-based)
  • Energy savings measures (with the exception of energy production and distribution)
  • Reduction of air pollution
  • Biodiversity protection and development
  • Promotion of environmental transportation and transportation networks

The loan is intended for towns, municipalities, municipal contributory organisations and legal entities majority-owned by municipalities.

For any additional information, call our toll–free Info Line KB EU Point at 800 900 930.