How may we
assist you? 

Financing and refinancing
of credits and loans
received from related
parties or repayment of
shareholder loans

Receive funds for your future business

Take out one loan in several currencies

Refinancing your existing debts as well

Choose interest rate that suits you


  • Available in the form of a short, medium, and long-term loan

  • Loan payments scheduled to promote the development of your business


  • Loan intended for dividend payments, share of profits or refinancing of nonbanking loans
  • One-off or gradual loan drawdowns
  • Select either fixed or floating interest rate for your loan
  • Use loan funds in CZK or selected foreign currencies or combine several different currencies, as appropriate
  • Schedule loan principal payments to promote positive cash flows
  • Change of capital refers to financing or refinancing of credits and loans received from related parties (group companies), repayment of shareholder loans or shareholder contributions outside the registered capital

Intended for entrepreneurs, companies, and legal entities. 

In order to qualify for the investment loan, you must demonstrate your company’s financial health and appropriate loan recovery.