How may we
assist you?

When looking for
a flexible loan
with repeated drawdowns
and variable interest rate 

Flexibly and repeatedly draw loans

Finance your operations and obtain a cushion going forward

Cover the period between collection of receivables and payment of liabilities 

Plan for cyclical financing fluctuations


  • Short or medium-term loan – both fixed-term and indefinite term loan

  • Repay your loan easily at any time using internet banking

  • We will assist you with the best parameters of your loan

  • Draw your loan in CZK or selected foreign currencies


  • Specific-purpose business loan designed to finance current assets or operating needs of your business
  • It may be drawn, repaid, and redrawn at any time, thereby being very flexible
  • Variable interest rate
  • Draw your loan in CZK or selected foreign currencies
  • Plan your principal payments to reflect your cash flows
  • Available as a short, medium (up to 3 years) or indefinite term loan with a notice period
  • Draw your loan directly to a supplier’s account or your current account by demonstrating the loan purpose
  • Financial funds are also available for grant prepayments
  • Terminate your loan at any time without cause

This loan is intended for sole traders and companies.

In order to qualify for the loan, you must demonstrate the need to finance working capital or operating cost.