EuroPremium Young loan

A subsidized loan funded by the European Investment Bank available to companies employing young people.

How may we
assist you?

Employ young people
and receive cheaper
financing for your projects
in return

Benefit from a loan for tangible
and intangible assets, including R&D projects.

Benefit from an interest rate discount of 0.3% p.a.

Loan of up to CZK 300 million

Finance up to 100% of your project cost

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  • Funding with lower interest rates for companies that facilitate professional career development of young people
  • Loans of up to 100% of projects cost available
  • Benefit from an interest rate discount of 0.3 % p.a.
  • Minimum loan term of 2 years
  • Maximum loan amount of CZK 300 million
  • Ideal funding for:
    • Tangible assets
    • Intangible assets – research projects, planning and financial cost during construction, and cost of research and development, etc.
    • Permanent growth of working capital associated with expansion of business activities
  • EIB funding – together with other EU funds (e.g. from structural funds) - cannot exceed 100% of project cost
  • Following activities are excluded from the programme:
    • Firearms manufacturing
    • Gambling
    • Tobacco production
    • Activities with uncompensated environmental impact
    • Real estate development
    • And other similar activities

The loan is intended for companies that employ young people, offer internships or cooperate with universities. Young employee means a person between the ages of 15 and 30 years.

The loan is intended for companies that:

  • Have employed at least one young person (or 5 young persons for large companies) in the past 6 months and continue to employ / undertake to employ them in the next 6 months
  • Offer professional education and internships for students
  • Cooperate with technical schools or universities on programmes for employment of young people