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Finance your
short-term needs
for up to 12 months

Pre-agreed fixed interest rate for a fixed period of time

Arrange individual loans over the telephone

Suitable for short-term liquidity management

Available in CZK, EUR, USD, CHF, and GBP


  • Short-term loan intended for businesses (sole traders and corporations)
  • No need to declare specific loan purpose – it is generally intended for funding of short-term business-related needs
  • Loan term from 1 day (minimum) to 12 months (maximum)
  • Minimum loan amount is CZK 5 million or foreign currency equivalent converted by current exchange rate of the Czech National Bank prevailing at the loan inception
  • Loan is available in CZK, EUR, USD, CHF, and GBP
  • Funds are credited to client’s account specified in a framework agreement
  • With their short-term nature and attractive interest rates derived from current interbank rates, Money Market Loans are suitable instruments for short-term liquidity management

Individual loans are arranged over the telephone on the basis of a framework agreement concluded at a branch.

The bank acts as a creditor for each single transaction.