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Financial funds for
accounts receivable
to maturity, inventory,
operating cost,
and small investments

Longer maturity for your customers

Repay at any time using internet banking and use again

Select interest rate to suit your needs

One-off or gradual drawdowns


  • Special-purpose business loan for sole traders and companies, with payments directly to your supplier’s account or your current account
  • Use your loan all at once or gradually in several tranches
  • Available as a short, medium, or long-term loan
  • Current assets refer to short-term accounts receivable to maturity and inventory y
  • Operating cost may also include small investments of operating nature
  • Choose either fixed or variable interest rate
  • Loan may be used in CZK or selected foreign currencies
  • Loan principal payments may be spread out to promote positive cash flows
  • In order to qualify for the loan, you must demonstrate the need to finance working capital  
  • Detailed information about KB EU Point
  • Try out the KB Business Finance online application