How may we
assist you?

Funding of up to
CZK 10 billion

Benefit from syndicated loans, credit lines,
and other products, together with
comprehensive customer service. 

Comprehensive customer service

Grow your business in line with your specific needs

Take advantage of fully customised funding options

Select suitable solutions from a variety of products


  • Funding in the amount of CZK 300 million to CZK 10 billion

  • Products and services tailored to your company

  • We fill find a suitable combination of products to deal even with the most challenging requirements

  • We will offer an optimal solution in compliance with our “best effort” principle


  • Wide range of financial products and services for a specific group of corporate clients
  • We offer highly individualised approach, taking into account cash flow analysis, with a view to offer the most suitable product

We mainly consider:

  • Funding requirements
  • Client’s market position
  • Client’s credit history
  • Financial market situation
  • We will fulfil even the most challenging requirements that cannot be addressed by means of standard products and processes
  • We combine syndicated loans and credit lines with other products, such as options or swaps
  • Our objective is to achieve optimal funding structure and cost – in application of the “best effort“ principle

Funding in the amount of CZK 300 million to CZK 10 billion:

  • Syndicated loans
  • Credit lines
  • Comprehensive customer service

Structured Finance is available for many economic sectors and may be used to finance:

  • Company development
  • Variety of projects
  • MBO transactions
  • Various types of partnership transactions (such as BOT/BOOT and PPP)
  • Exports
  • Commercial Real estate

Customer service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Consulting in all areas of structured finance
  • Market monitoring and tenders
  • Agent services
  • Professional services – from client’s specification to optimisation of cash flow and capital structure
  • KB can also assume liability for placing a syndicated loan in the market – to full satisfaction of clients and investors

Intended for large and medium-sized companies, governments, municipalities, and financial institutions. We will select the right combination of standard products and services tailored to your company. See more information on KB Investment Banking.