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Guaranteed payment if a secured obligation is not met 

Improve the terms of your business relationships

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Advisory services – not just for contract negotiations

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Complementary services also include:

  • Advisory services during contract negotiations
  • Negotiation of conditions for issuing a bank guarantee
  • Drafting of a letter of guarantee
  • Advice of a bank guarantee issued by another bank
  • Written commitment to issue a bank guarantee
  • One of the most commonly used security instruments for mitigating commercial risks
  • Written declaration of the bank in the form of a letter of guarantee regarding the settlement of creditor’s claims (beneficiary’s claims) up to a specific amount limit if a third party (debtor) fails to meet their obligations, provided the creditor meets the conditions specified in the letter of guarantee
  • Possibility to offer better contractual terms with high-quality security provided to business partners (e.g. available deferred payment options, down payments or retention monies against a bank guarantee)
  • Security for the bank guarantee beneficiary – guaranteed payment if a business partner fails to meet their obligations
  • Prices and rates
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What types of guarantees do we provide? 

Payment guarantees for the settlement of:

  • Tax documents – invoices
  • Financial loans
  • Lease payments
  • Rent payments
  • Toll payments
  • Excise tax and other payments

Non-payment guarantees covering: 

  • Presented tenders (tender bond, bid bond)
  • Down payment refund (advance payment guarantee, down payment guarantee)
  • Due contract performance (performance bond)
  • Retention refund (retention bond)
  • Warranty period (warranty bond) and others

Customs guarantees 

  • For transit transactions
  • Transactions other than transit

Counter guarantees 

Counter guarantees are mainly suitable for transactions in specific regions and territories (e.g. Arab countries), with bank guarantees for final beneficiaries provided by their local banks on the basis of debtors’ counter guarantees.

  1. Contract, terms and conditions of a tender (public contract), etc.
  2. Bank guarantee application 
  3. Delivery of a letter of guarantee directly to the beneficiary 
  4. Delivery of a letter of guarantee via the advising bank