Services to issuers

Services provided to issuers of securities to ensure their administration and distribution of proceeds.

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Comprehensive services associated with securities issues

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Distribution of proceeds to your bank account or at a branch

Customise the services in line with your needs


  • Services provided for issues of paper-form and book-entry securities

  • We will handle all tasks associated with securities issues for you


Administration of book-entry securities issues

  • Execution of contracts with the Central Securities Depository
  • Primary issue registration and settlement
  • Provision of statements from issue records as the basis for the distribution of proceeds and nominal value repayment
  • We will act as calculation agent for floating rate securities
  • We will arrange distribution of proceeds and principal repayment

Administration of paper-form securities issues

  • Primary issue registration and settlement
  • Custody of collective bonds
  • Register maintenance for individual collective bond shares
  • We will act as calculation agent for floating rate securities
  • We will arrange distribution of proceeds and principal repayment

Other services based on issuer’s requests (e.g. press notifications, notifications to bond holders, continuous assessments, handling of correspondence, etc.)

Extract from issue records

  • Collection of statements from the issue records of the Central Securities Depository
  • Delivery of statements to issuers in electronic or paper form

Distribution of proceeds from securities and other direct payments

  • Agreement between a client and the bank on the distribution terms
  • Money paid out upon presentation of an identity document (ID card, passport, Commercial Register extract or other document)
  • Payment in cash or to a bank account in the Czech Republic or abroad, in compliance with agreed terms and conditions
  • Bank transfers may be executed upon request for one-time or standing order (does not apply to supplementary pension insurance benefits)
  • Optional Payment Notification to beneficiaries via KB
  • Online payment system makes it possible to monitor payment status or status at a specific date
  • Submit one-time payments or standing orders for transfer of proceeds to an account
  • Large volume of payments can be processed quickly and with minimum cost

Immobilisation of shares

  • Collection of share certificates from shareholders at selected branches (as requested by an issuer)
  • Custody of shares
  • Maintenance of shareholder registers, including statements from such registers
  • Distribution of dividends
  • Other associated services for individual shareholders – identification data changes, ownership transfers and assignments, lien registration, change, and expiration, etc.

These services are intended for securities issuers, KB Pension Fund, Financial Market Guarantee System, and other legal entities or individuals who wish to use the KB branch network for payment distributions.