Foreign Exchange Spot Prompt purchase or sale of one currency for another at an agreed exchange rate. SHOW Foreign Exchange Swap A combination of FX spot and FX forward transactions. SHOW Currency Options A product hedging currency risk while also allowing you to profit from opposite foreign exchange rate movement. SHOW Currency Option Strategies Execute a series of currency forwards at better than standard exchange rates. SHOW FX Forward Guaranteed exchange rate at a required future date. SHOW American FX forward A modification of the FX forward that allows continuous drawing on agreed nominal based on client’s needs. SHOW Cross Currency Swap An agreement to exchange principals of two currencies and associated interest cost. SHOW Interest Rate Swap (IRS) A solution for hedging interest rate risk arising from adverse development of specific interest rates. SHOW Forward Rate Agreement (FRA) Protection against adverse development of interest rates for term deposits or loans. SHOW Interest Rate Options Hedge risks associated with interest rate fluctuations and profit from positive development. SHOW Interest Rate Swaption A right to enter into an interest rate swap on a specific future date. SHOW Commodity Swap A solution for hedging commodity risks arising from potential adverse development of commodity prices. SHOW Commodity Forward Hedge the risk of changing commodity market prices. SHOW Commodity Option Hedge your commodity risk with potential participation in positive development of commodity prices. SHOW Emissions Trading Optimize the number and structure of emission allowances. SHOW