What should I do if cannot make card payments / carry out atm withdrawals?

Make sure that your PIN is entered correctly and you have sufficient account balance.

PIN is correct and my account balance is sufficient. What next?

You may have exceeded your weekly limit

You can change your limit in your internet banking (Cards – Card summary – Card details – Amend), at a branch or using our mobile app

It's possible that you don't have internet payments enabled

Set them up in your internet banking, at a branch or on the Express line +420 955 551 551 (if you have the Express line)

Nothing helped or you lost your card?

Contact KB Card Support +420 955 512 230.

If you've lost your card and documents, see the Lost or stolen card page. What should I do?

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If you want to use online payments, you must enable them in your internet banking, at a branch or via one of our hotlines.

Mobile Bank
Express Line  +420 955 551 551 (for english speaking clients)
Nonstop KB Card Customer Service +420 955 512 230