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Up to CZK 100 000

Deposits and withdrawals of up to EUR 1,000 without written instructions

Withdrawals in foreign currency also from a CZK account

Exchange transactions for other banks’ clients as well


By phone

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At a branch

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  • Cash deposits and withdrawals, or foreign exchange transactions at our bank’s cash counters
  • Cash deposits carried out based on a verbal or written order: 
    • In CZK or another currency in an account in KB
    • In CZK in an account with another Czech bank or accounts with the Czech National Bank (CNB) or KB Penzijní společnost  
  • Cash withdrawals are available for accounts maintained with KB or the CNB
  • Foreign exchange transactions are also available to people who are not KB clients
  • Cash transactions are available in CZK and foreign currencies listed in the KB Exchange Rate List– and in nominal values and currencies determined by the bank
  • Cash deposits in CZK are also available for accounts of our subsidiaries, the CNB and other Czech banks
  • Conversion cash transactions, i.e. only withdrawals (or deposits) of cash from (or in) your account in another currency are completely FREE OF CHARGE for KB clients with personal finance accounts; specifically, this applies to the following transactions:  
    • Foreign currency withdrawal from a current account in CZK
    • Foreign currency deposit in a current account in CZK  
    • Withdrawal of CZK from a foreign currency account
    • Deposit of CZK in a foreign currency account
    • Foreign currency withdrawal from a foreign currency account  
    • Foreign currency deposit in a foreign currency account 
  • Deposits to other banks are available as:
    • Posting at the counter before 1 p.m. - the same working day
    • Posting at the counter after 1 p.m. - thd next working day
    • For any information on KB foreign exchange transactions and other cash transactions, contact our toll-free KB Information Line 800 521 521  
  • For most cash transactions, you must present your identity document or prove your authorisation for the given account – prepare your ID card, passport or residence permit
  • For verification reasons, you may be asked to present another document (e.g. a driving licence)
  • For deposits of EUR 15,000 or more (or an equivalent in another currency), you are required to disclose the statutory declaration and the origin of deposited funds to the bank
  • For withdrawals over CZK 100,000 (or a foreign currency equivalent), notify the cash withdrawal to the relevant branch 2 to 5 days in advance

Good to have

Foreign Payment Transactions
Cashless international payments and foreign currency payments in the Czech Republic.
  • Payments sent and credited throughout the day
  • Make payments online, at a branch, and over the telephone