How may we
assist you?

Finance the development
of your company or
refinance existing debts

For medium-sized and large enterprises,
local authorities and governments.

Finance the development of a company or regional authorities

Refinance your existing financial liabilities

Advisory services aimed at cash flow optimisation

Benefit from individual customer service for primary bond issues


  • We will help you diversify your investor base

  • We will take over most of your marketing responsibilities


  • Standard form of medium to long-term financing for companies, banks, municipalities or governments via capital markets
  • Finance development of a company or self-governing entity, refinance existing financial liabilities, and access funding from alternative sources
  • We will provide services relating to issues of municipal, corporate, and government bonds in the total nominal value of up to CZK 10 billion
  • We offer comprehensive customer service for primary issues
  • Transaction also comprises advisory services aimed at optimising cash flows and capital structure directly related to the given issue transaction
  • We take over most of the marketing responsibilities during the subscription of securities by investors
  • Bond principal usually paid out at bond maturity
  • Our customer service includes:
  • Consulting services during preliminary stages of securities issue
  • Comprehensive preparation of securities issue
  • Optional guaranteed subscription of the entire issue 
  • Placement of newly issued securities in capital markets
  • Distribution of securities profits and redemption
  • Listing of securities on Prague Stock Exchange
  • Investor base diversification:
    • Prospective issuer enters the capital market to address a wide range of investors
    • This significantly increases the likelihood of raising the necessary capital
  • Repeated entry to capital markets:
    • Successful bond issue creates a positive benchmark for issuers in terms of their future capital market issues

It is intended for medium-sized and large enterprises, local self-governments and administrations, public administrations and governments.