How may we
assist you?

When you need to finance
your operations as well as
cash flow gaps

Create financial reserves for any situation

Enjoy all benefits of your current account

Finance your operating cost

Draw on credit repeatedly without any paperwork


  • The more you repay, the more you can draw again

  • Combine flexibility at the same cost as for other forms of operating funding


  • Bank overdraft is linked to a current account in CZK or a foreign currency and it allows you to overdraw your current account balance (“be in the red”) up to a pre-agreed maximum limit
  • Bank overdraft can be negotiated for a fixed term (usually a short period of up to a year) or for indefinite period 
  • Funds can be used to finance your operating needs arising from your business activities
  • Bank overdraft agreement also specifies the overdraft limit, interest rate and other specific terms and conditions based on your individual needs and creditworthiness
  • With a bank overdraft, you can repeatedly draw funds up to the agreed overdraft limit

  • Each payment to your current account reduces the loan amount
  • This allows you to use your bank overdraft again, up to the agreed overdraft limit
  • Address your operating cash flow fluctuations, if and when necessary
  • Payment transactions as with a current account  

Intended for sole traders, companies, and other legal entities, municipalities and their clusters, regions, as well as semi-autonomous organisations and legal entities formed by regions or municipalities.