How may we
assist you?

Use several products
simultaneously without
tedious approval

Up to approved individual limits.

Avoid time consuming paperwork

Choose from different types of loans and products

Use funds anytime throughout the FlexiRámec term

Several products under a single agreement


  • Apply for different types of loans and Trade Finance products at any time, up to an individually approved credit limit and sub-limit  
  • For businesses and companies with a higher number of credit transactions
  • Use several different products at once, avoiding a separate approval process for each of them
    • Enter into individual agreements with KB in the form of a simple application for an individual product
    • Use overdraft facilities immediately after the Framework Agreement is signed
    • Save time on arranging individual loans and products
    • Funds are available as soon as we receive and approve your application form, or any conditions precedent are met
  • Flexibly use preapproved credit limits in line with your current funding needs
  • Less paperwork for your company and instant access to required products
  • Use several products under a single agreement, including Trade Finance products
  • Use any of the predefined products throughout the KB FlexiRámec term, provided the total approved credit limit / individual sub-limit is kept