Guaranteed structured deposits

Deposit products offering high returns on disposable funds.

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Benefit from any of 5
structured deposit types

Scoop, Wedding Cake, Corridor, Digital,
and Binary Structured Deposits available.

Predict the market development and generate returns on your disposable funds

Negotiate your transaction parameters with our specialists

Guaranteed payment of principal upon due termination

Several different products available


  • Execute transactions on the phone - from the comfort of your office or home

  • Always receive confirmations of agreed transaction parameters

  • Automatic notifications of final returns on the reference period end date

  • Deposits available in the form of term deposits or deposit promissory notes


  • Deposit product that offers higher returns on clients’ disposable funds, provided they predict the market development correctly
  • Deposits in the form of term deposits or deposit promissory notes
  • In case of deposit promissory notes:
    • Instruments issued by Komerční banka and kept in custody of KB
    • No need to present the note in person at maturity - with automatic settlement by Komerční banka
  • Resulting interest revenue linked to the exchange rate development for two currencies – reference exchange rate and its daily values
  • Clients assume certain level of risk of lower interest revenue in case the market developments are not assessed correctly 
  • Guaranteed payment of principal solely for deposits duly terminated at their maturity
  • Deposits in the form of deposit promissory notes cannot be terminated early