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Eliminate financial risk
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Transactions available in any currency in the KB currency table

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  • We will assist you with currency risk hedging 

  • Our team of specialists will propose strategy and provide assistance 


  • Instrument for hedging currency risk resulting from potential adverse development of specific currency pairs
  • Modification of the FX forward that allows continuous drawing on agreed nominal based on client’s needs
  • Intended for individuals and legal entities, both Czech and foreign residents
  • Available in any currency shown in the KB currency table
  • Transactions executed by telephone with our dealers
  • Receive notification of agreed transaction parameters following each transaction
  • Counterparties agree and approve standard parameters – currency pair, nominal, and settlement date
  • American FX forward buyer may also request partial exercise anytime between the initial date and the settlement date  
  • If a buyer does not exchange the entire nominal prior to the American FX Forward settlement date, the remaining nominal is automatically settled on such date
  • Consult the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive
  • Receive current information about financial market developments
  • Potential profit or loss from transactions denominated in foreign currencies is affected by exchange rate fluctuations
  • In theory, profits or losses are not limited in any way


  • Client and its bank enter into an American FX Forward with client selling EUR 1 mil to buy CZK
  • Agreed exchange rate: 27.950
  • Client undertook two exchange transactions – EUR 500,000 each
    • As of the first settlement, the spot exchange rate amounted to 27.900
      • Client hedged its currency risk and also generated profit of CZK 25,000
    • As of the second settlement, the spot exchange rate amounted to 28.000
      • Client incurred a loss of CZK 25,000; however, this loss represents hedging cost, provided the transaction was used as hedging
      • Hedging protects clients from significant exchange rate fluctuations that could result in substantial financial problems