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Online payments are secured 24/7, all in real time thanks to the newest technologies such as artificial intelligence

500 000 of verified transactions per day
500 000 of verified transactions per day
Online payments are verified within a moment
Online payments are verified within a moment
384 million CZK already saved
384 million CZK already saved
More than 2330 frauds detected
More than 2330 frauds detected

The most common frauds that you might encounter

Fake Advertisement

Are you planning on buying products online at a suspiciously low price? Be careful! We advise you to carefully verify the counterparty. Moreover, you should not transfer any funds in advance.

There is an increase in reports of fake ads offering electronics, cars or agricultural machinery. Are you planning on replying to an offer like this? You should pay attention to the following details:

  • Unreasonably low price coupled with a request for full or partial payment in advance
  • Products are located abroad
  • Delivery by a middleman, who would guarantee delivery of the goods and/or potential refund
  • Ads may be written in broken Czech or in English, published on Czech or foreign websites or forums
  • Even though websites of advertisers or forwarding agencies may look credible, there is no guarantee your products would ever arrive

If in doubt, do not transfer any money. Make the best effort to verify the offer so that you do not end up buying a pig in a poke.

Fake Invoice

Have you received an email from your business partner notifying you of new payment instructions? Attention!

We advise you to verify such information – either in person or via telephone – using contact details that you normally use or that are publicly available. Attackers may alter the relevant payment instructions sent by email and you may ultimately transfer money to a scam artist, without even knowing about it.

Romance Scam

Have you met someone online or via social networking sites? Be cautious!

You have been friends for a while and now he or she contacts you with a request for financial assistance. Scam artists usually have a heart-warming story - often involving illness or death in the family - or promise to meet you in person. These people often try to establish their credibility by presenting fake IDs or pictures or by offering “personal” communication via Skype.

In most cases, they cannot – for some reason – access their financial funds and they promise to return your loan soon. We advise you to control your emotions and really think everything over before actually transferring any money.

Fake Accommodation Offer

Have you found suspiciously cheap accommodation at an accommodation site, such as Airbnb? Be careful!

Accommodation sites have clearly defined rules governing payments for accommodation. Review these rules and always follow them.

If anyone requests another payment method, do not make the payment and verify everything with the given site.

Tremendous Wealth

Have you received an email with a promise of tremendous wealth? Be cautious!

Would someone like to voluntarily share a substantial part of their lottery winnings or unexpected inheritance with you? In this case, scam artists will request some payment, such as fees for opening an account abroad, legal fees, etc.

These scams always have one thing in common – a request for payment of a sum of money. If you in fact make such payment, you will most likely lose the promised fortune as well as your own money.

Fake President

Have you received an email from your manager asking you for an account balance and for an express payment? Pay attention!

An accounting company specialized in technology has received a request about an account balance from managing director of the company sent from “his” phone if it is possible to make a payment for almost 28 000 EUR. The accountant responded immediately and informed the director about the current account balance as well as about the exchange rate.

The attacker ordered in response to send the payment immediately due to his payment instructions with a promise to provide the invoice later. The accountant entered and authorized the payment order. The real managing director was on previously announced business trip at the moment, thus it is not possible to simply verify the transaction with him.

Fraudulent investments

Are you interested in an offer for advantageous investments? Be careful!

Have you found an offer of advantageous investments in your e-mail box or on social networks, in which even celebrities invest? We recommend maximum caution in these cases. These are often fraudulent offers of investments in, for example,  ryptocurrencies.

In some cases, after expressing interest, you will be contacted directly by "investment advisers" offering to manage your investments by themselves. They may even ask you for your banking access data. In such cases, do not force the installation of a remote desktop management application, for example, and of course do not share your banking access data with anyone under any circumstances! In general, for all such investments, consider their credibility and obtain sufficient information and references for the intermediary before deciding whether to invest.


Have you been contacted by someone who pretends to be an employee of the bank and wants sensitive data from you or requires authorization in the KB key? Be cautious!

Unfortunately, we all already know what phishing is, but have you encountered so-called vishing (voice phishing)? This is an act similar to classic phishing in order to obtain sensitive data and information from the user to access his banking or payment card. Only in these cases will you not receive a phishing email but a fraudulent call. Fraudsters impersonate bank security officers and try to extract a username and phone number from clients under various legends to verify access from a new device. At this point, the client receives a request to the KB key to confirm / reject the login from the new device. Always pay attention to what you confirm with your KB key! If you believe the fraudster's legend that, for example, you are "authorizing the cancellation of a fraudulent payment" and you do not check that you are actually confirming his login, he has access to your banking at that moment. If you suspect, do not hesitate to end the call and call back to the publicly available number of Komerční banka.

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