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Other benefits of our ATMs

  • 521 deposit ATMs – largest network of deposit ATMs in the Czech Republic

  • 645 contactless ATMs – simply tap your card (or mobile phone or another device featuring a digital card)

  • Cash deposits free of charge with a debit or deposit card

  • Reset your online banking password and KB Klíč


Making cash deposits at an ATM:

  • Make deposits to your account easily with deposit ATMs and a debit or deposit card
  • With a deposit card, other people can make cash deposits to your account, such as your employees
  • Deposit up to 200 banknotes valued at no more than CZK 300,000 per single transaction
  • It is only possible to deposit Czech banknotes, no coins
  • Simply arrange banknotes in a stack – there is no need to sort them by their denominations
  • Banknotes must be inserted freely, without any rubber or other bands or clips 
  • Deposit ATMs can be easily identified with a DEPOSIT/WITHDRAWAL sign

Benefits of deposit ATMs:

  • ATMs are available 24/7 - even when a branch or cash desk closes for the day
  • Cash deposits are credited to your account in a few minutes
  • No associated fees – this services is absolutely free for our clients
  • We feature the largest network of deposit ATMs
  • Safety in mind – many of our ATMs feature contactless readers – there is no need to insert your card
  • We are the only bank to offer drive-up ATMs as well – make cash deposits and withdrawals from your car. These ATMs are available at selected Benzina ORLEN filling stations in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Plzeň, and Hradec Králové

Deposits to foreign currency accounts made between 8am and 5pm are available within minutes. If you deposit before 8:00 a.m., we will credit the account after 8:00 a.m., if the deposit is made after 5:00 p.m., we will credit the next business day after 8:00 a.m.

  • Cash withdrawals with KB debit cards are absolutely free of charge (two cash withdrawals a month with Junior card for children)  
  • When making cash withdrawal, simply select one of the pre-set amounts or use “Another amount” option, where you can specify any amount of up to CZK 80,000 (the amount must be divisible by 200 or 500)
  • More than half of Komerční banka ATMs allow you to make withdrawals of CZK 200
  • You can choose denominations for cash withdrawals of up to CZK 4,800  

If need be, you can conveniently change your card PIN at any ATM of Komerční banka. Select “Change PIN” on the ATM home screen, enter your new PIN, and re-enter it to confirm.

You can easily check your account balance using an ATM. In the main menu, go to “Account balance” – an ATM will provide you with a print-out of your disposable balance.

Speed up your ATM withdrawals. Define your favourite amount, language, and whether or not a receipt is to be printed. Select the “Favourite withdrawal settings” option in the main menu and follow guidance to easily set everything up. You can also save your favourite withdrawal amount after making cash withdrawal via “Another amount” option.

When your card is about to expire, an ATM will notify you with the following on-screen message. Therefore, you will know to expect a new card soon.

You can activate a new card by making cash withdrawal or using the following option in the main menu - Card activation.

  • Reset your KB Klíč
  • Insert or tap your KB card and enter your PIN
  • Select “Renew KB Klíč/password”
  • Confirm your request for new activation code
  • Open KB and scan the onscreen QR code or input activation data manually
  • Once you scan the code or input data, you will receive a verification text message (SMS) with a code for the KB Klíč activation – enter the code in KB Klíč app
  • As the final step, choose a new code
  • Reset your password
  • Insert or tap your KB card and enter your PIN
  • Select “Renew KB Klíč/password”
  • Confirm your request for new activation code
  • Enter the onscreen activation data on the Internet banking login page
  • You will then be asked to enter a verification code sent to you via a text message (SMS)
  • As the final step, choose a new code

Use contactless cash withdrawals to promote your safety and security and reduce the time spent at an ATM. You actually do not have to let go of your payment card or mobile device with your card’s digital version (Google PayApple PayGarmin PayFitbit Pay), as you only hold it close to an ATM. Therefore, there is no risk of your card being retained by an ATM, because you never insert it inside.

Good to have

Merlin Payment Card Insurance
Payment card insurance against unauthorized use in case of loss or theft
  • Merlin also covers keys, mobile phones, and wallets plus contents
  • Merlin offers worldwide insurance coverage

Updated: 23. 11. 2022