Your payment card

How to protect
payment card

What are the
tricks of thieves?

Watch your PIN and do not 
withdraw from suspicious ATMs.

Card safety when travelling

Avoid unpleasant experiences when paying with a payment card abroad. We have prepared some tips for you.


Protect your PIN, never let anyone look over your shoulder when entering your PIN.


When entering your PIN, cover the keypad with your free hand. This method of protection is simple and effective.


If you see anything suspicious on an ATM ATM (it looks different, you can see signs of glue on it), cancel the transaction and contact the Client Bank Card Helpline on +420 955 512 230.


Be careful about strange people near an ATM. If somebody is too helpful, stay calm and never disclose your PIN to such a person..


If possible, use ATMs you know


Keep your PIN in secrecy. Nobody has the right to require your PIN from you, neither the bank nor the police.


Monitor movements on your account regularly and in the case of any non-conformances contact+420 955 512 230.

Overview of threats

What to do if

Apply all means you have to change your password or PIN immediately. If you do not have any possibility to change it, because you are not sitting at your computer, contact the Client Direct Banking Helpline +420 955 551 556 and ask them to block the access. The sooner you do it, the less is the chance of misuse of your sensitive data.

Never disclose such data Never disclose such data via the telephone. It is because you never know who is sitting at the other end of the line.

The automatic protection of Trusteer Rapport is set for Komerční banka’s website. But any other secured and sensitive website may be included in the protection. Trusteer Rapport is able to check the entering bank card numbers during shopping and it will notify you if you are about to enter your card number on a suspicious website.