Bank guarantee
Payment and non-payment guarantees as an instrument mitigating commercial risks for a wide range of creditors.
  • Guaranteed payment if a secured obligation is not met 

  • Customize the guarantee in line with your individual needs

Documentary Collection
A documentary payment instrument that ensures security of business transactions for both parties.
  • Lower fees compared to Documentary Letter of Credit

  • Buyer may keep its financial funds longer

Documentary Letter of Credit
Bank’s commitment to only pay the purchase price to the seller after specific contractual conditions are met.
  • Buyer knows that goods are dispatched prior to payment

  • Seller receives payment upon fulfilment of defined conditions

Export Supplier Loan
A special-purpose loan aimed at financing the export of goods and services from the Czech Republic.
  • We provide guarantees, hedging, and production pre-financing

  • We will assist you with analysing and selecting suitable business partners

Letter of credit prepayment
A business loan designed to finance production or purchase of goods intended for export.
  • Loan maturity to reflect the payment under letter of credit

  • KB consulting prior to contract conclusion

Trade & Finance OnLine
TF OnLine - Convenient and secure communication with your bank in Trade Finance
  • Online overviews of all transactions

  • Access the system from anywhere and at anytime