Have you received
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First steps with
a KB payment card



  1. Your payment card represents real money – when you use it, it is just like getting money out of your wallet
  2. The card is yours and only yours. You should know where it is at all times and never lend it to anyone
  3. Keep your card either with you (ideally in your wallet) or in a safe place at home
  4. You can also upload your card in a mobile phone or watch. To safely confirm payments, use fingerprint reader or facial recognition
  5. Your card is not active until you either use it in an ATM or insert it in a POS terminal
  6. Make contactless payments by placing your hold near a POS terminal. You know that a transaction goes through when you hear a terminal beep. Only insert your card in a terminal, if specifically prompted by the terminal
  7. Before you make an ATM withdrawal, look around to make sure that no one will disturb you. You can also make contactless ATM withdrawals – if supported by the relevant ATM
  8. Only you know the card PIN. Is it hard to forget or you just do not like it? Simply change it in a KB ATM
  9. Your card can also be conveniently used to make payments on the Internet. To confirm a payment, use a code sent via a text message (SMS) or KB Klíč
  10. Keep an eye on your card – do not disclose the card number to anyone and do not share pictures of your card on social media


You should receive your card in the mail within 5 days after signing an agreement.

TIP: You can make payments even before you collect your card with Google Pay and Apple Pay mobile payments. Once you see your card in Mobilní banka – with either “pending activation” or “active” status – you can digitise it.

The standard delivery time of payment cards is 5 business days after signing an agreement or approval your own MojeKarta card design. If you do not receive your card within 10 business days, contact the KB Card Customer Service at +420 955 512 230 (available 24/7).

A renewed card will be mailed to your address in the second half of the last month of its validity. If you are going to pick your card up at a KB branch, it will be waiting for you there approximately 10 days prior to your original card’s expiration date. We will inform you that your card is ready via a notification email.

If you suspect that the letter with your card has been tempered with or otherwise compromised, immediately contact the KB Card Customer Service at +420 955 512 230 (available 24/7).

Use it for a POS payment or make cash withdrawal or perform an activation transaction at an ATM.

You will need to know the card PIN to activate it.

You can easily view your PIN in Card details in Mobilní banka or MojeBanka / MojeBanka Business Internet Banking; alternatively, it was sent to you via a text message (SMS) if you followed instructions received together with your card.

Once you have a PIN, you can activate your card in any of the following ways:

  • POS payment – you need to insert your card in a POS terminal and confirm the transaction with a correct PIN; or
  • Cash withdrawal from any ATM – you need to insert your card in an ATM and confirm the transaction with a correct PIN; or
  • Via a KB ATM – without the need to make a cash withdrawal. Go to “Other services – Card activation”.

Your card may also be activated for convenient and advanced payments via mobile phones, watches, and other wearables. We support Google Pay, Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay, and Garmin PaySee how to do that.

More useful information

  • If you fail to activate your card within 360 days – at least for mobile payments – it will be cancelled.
  • We advise you to activate your card in the Czech Republic.
  • If you have any problems relating to the card activation process, do not hesitate to contact the KB Card Customer Service at +420 955 512 230 (available 24/7).

You can view your PIN in the Mobilní banka app or in your MojeBanka Internet banking.

If you are unable to do that, you can also apply for a PIN to be sent again:

  • Use your MojeBanka Internet banking – go to Cards – Card summary and Card details
  • Visit a KB branch
  • Contact the KB Card Customer Service at +420 955 512 230

For a fee for the PIN delivery, see the Pricelist.

More information about receiving a PIN

  • PIN may be requested by a holder of an account, to which the relevant card is issued, or a cardholder, as appropriate
  • Only cardholders may view their PIN using their Mobilní banka / Mobilní banka Business app or MojeBanka / MojeBanka Business Internet banking
  • It is possible to view a PIN in the currently supported versions of Mobilní banka / Mobilní banka Business app and MojeBanka / MojeBanka Business Internet banking according to the applicable Technical Terms and Conditions

How to use decoding table and determine your PIN using SMS

  • Send a text message (SMS) from the mobile phone number entered in your payment card application, in the format:

KB KOD 12345678 including spaces to +420 736 304 030

(example only)

(Associated fees will be charged based on the tariff agreed with your mobile phone operator.)

  • You will receive a text message reply with four letters - e.g. CFHE.
  • Write down the letters, in the exact order, in the “PIN identification table”. In the “PIN decoding table”, specific numbers are assigned to individual letters. These numbers represent your PIN.

Example: For letters CFHE the correct PIN is 2574. The PIN 2457 is incorrect, as the order of the letters from the reply text message was not followed.

What should I do if I do not like my card PIN?

Your card PIN is only intended for you and only you. You should be able to memorise it – do not write it anywhere for security reasons. You can simply change it at any KB ATM.

When should I change my PIN?

  • If you do not like it
  • It is also recommended to change a PIN after certain time
  • You should change your PIN immediately, if you suspect that someone else might know it. If you suspect that your card might be misused, contact the KB Card Customer Service at +420 955 512 230 (available 24/7) and have your card blocked

How should I choose my new PIN?

Above all, you should keep your PIN confidential – it should thus be easy to remember. On the other hand, for security reasons, you should not use very easy combinations as your new PIN – such as four identical numbers (e.g. 1111) or four consecutive numbers (e.g. 1234 or 8765). Moreover, you should not use other numbers that can be easily identified – e.g. numbers that relate to family members’ names, birthdays, telephone numbers or number combinations of alarms, safety deposit boxes, door access systems, etc.

TIP: If you cannot remember your new PIN, you can view at any time – see instructions above.

Do not forget our safety and security recommendations for your PIN:

  • The card PIN is only intended for you. Do not disclose it to anyone – not even your family members.
  • Do not write your PIN on your card or carry it with your card.
  • Always input your PIN alone, without any third-party assistance. Do not input your PIN into any other devices, such as door access systems.
  • Prior to viewing your PIN in the Internet or mobile banking, make sure that no one can see it.
  • Never use your PIN for payments on the Internet.

The expiration date of your card is shown on the card in the following format: MM/YY.

Card renewal

A payment card is usually valid for 3 years from the date of its issue and expires at midnight of the last day of the month and year shown thereon (VALID THRU). You can also verify the card expiration date in Mobilní banka / Mobilní banka Business or MojeBanka / MojeBanka Business Internet banking.

There is no need to apply for a new card – we will issue a new card to you automatically, if you have an automatic card renewal active.

Unless agreed otherwise, it shall be mailed to your address in the second half of the last month of its validity. You can check the address for card delivery in your MojeBanka Internet banking and change it if necessary.

If you are going to pick your renewed card up at a KB branch, it will be waiting for you there approximately 10 days prior to your original card’s expiration date. We will inform you that your card is ready via a notification email.

What should I do with my old card?

You can return your old card to us at any branch. Alternatively, you should invalidate it by cutting through its chip / magnetic stripe, ideally cutting it up into small pieces.

Each card features its number, validity or expiration, cardholder’s name, and the card verification code/value (CVV/CVC). This information may on the front or back of your card. Some cards also feature a signature strip. Your card also includes the KB Card Customer Service number you should call if you need any card-related support.

Front of the card

  • Card number
  • Cardholder’s name
  • Card expiration (VALID THRU MONTH/YEAR)

Back of the card

  • Card verification value / code (CVV/CVC)
  • Signature – if the card features a signature strip
  • KB Card Customer Service telephone number
  • Made in the Czech Republic

Any card that features a signature strip must be signed in order to be valid. The best way is to use a black fine-point permanent marker.

In the past, a signature strip was an important element for card payment verification; however, its significance is declining due to technological development and use of chips in particular. Therefore, verification of signatures on a receipt and a card is quite rare – usually outside of Europe.

Card payment notifications can be easily activated in the Mobilní banka app or MojeBanka Internet banking. We will also gladly assist you at any of our branches or KB Card Customer Service.

Updated: 07. 12. 2021