My new card from KB

Have you received or are you expecting a nex card?

10 principles for using your card

  1. The card is yours and only yours. You should know where it is at all times and never lend it to anyone

  2. Keep your card either with you (ideally in your wallet) or in a safe place at home
  3. You can also upload your card in a mobile phone or watch. To safely confirm payments, use fingerprint reader or facial recognition
  4. Your card is not active until you either use it in an ATM or insert it in a POS terminal
  5. Make contactless payments by placing your hold near a POS terminal. You know that a transaction goes through when you hear a terminal beep. Only insert your card in a terminal, if specifically prompted by the terminal
  6. Before you make an ATM withdrawal, look around to make sure that no one will disturb you.
  7. You can also make contactless ATM withdrawals – if supported by the relevant ATM
  8. Only you know the card PIN. Is it hard to forget or you just do not like it? Simply change it in a KB ATM
  9. Your card can also be conveniently used to make payments on the Internet. To confirm a payment, use a code sent via a text message (SMS) or KB Klíč
  10. Keep an eye on your card – do not disclose the card number to anyone and do not share pictures of your card on social media

Useful informations