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KB Klíč newly opens the door to secure, quick, and easy card payments on the Internet

How does it work? Once you submit a card payment, you will receive a notification from the KB Klíč app on your mobile phone. Simply confirm the payment in the application using your fingerprint, facial scan or selected code, as appropriate. You will see the details of the payment being confirmed directly in the application. Find more information on KB klíč website.

Debit card

The bank will issue a debit card to you with your bank account. When you make payments (on the Internet or in stores), ATM withdrawals or withdrawals in stores (i.e. Cash Back), you always use your own funds.

Credit card

credit card combines the benefits of a payment card with a non-purpose loan – without the need to use your own funds or reapply for a loan with your bank. When you make payments with your credit card, you use the bank’s money that is available to you in a credit account - up to a credit limit approved by the bank.
With a credit card, you can enjoy many supplementary services and benefits, such as discount programs or different types of assistance services.

How does a credit card work?


Card with your own design

The MojeKarta service will allow you to create an original and unique payment card. You can choose your own card design that will always be by your side. This service is available for selected debit and credit cards issued with KB accounts. For more information, visit MojeKarta website.

Deposit card

deposit card may be useful for your employees, allowing them to make quick and convenient cash deposits to a company account using KB deposit ATMs without any other access to such account. A deposit card does not permit POS payments, cash withdrawals or any other transactions. 
Money is deposited to an account, to which the card is issued. Cardholders may or may not be authorised to see account balance at an ATM.
Find out more about KB Deposit Card

​Business card

business card is a debit or credit payment card issued with a business or corporate account. It may also be referred to as a corporate card. A corporate card is a credit card with its parameters adapted to the needs of companies with turnover over CZK 60 million.
Compared to payment cards for individuals, payment cards for businesses and corporations have a number of specifics relating to card settings and administration.

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Did not find an answer?

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