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KB payment cards offer countless benefits to their cardholders. The choice regarding the specific payment card is entirely yours. See for yourself what our cards can do.


Sometimes, life is full of surprises. You may have to deal with smaller disasters at home – such as burst water pipes. In this case, it is definitely a plus to have the Home Assistance services with your payment card. With these services, you can benefit from household plumbing services up to the limit of CZK 10,000 or services of a locksmith up to the limit of CZK 5,000.

What are other benefits of the Home Assistance services?

  • Services of electricians, heating or gas engineers, and glass workshops up to the limit of CZK 10,000
  • Pest control or removal of wasp nests up to the limit of CZK 5,000
  • Post-warranty repair services for selected home appliances up to the limit of CZK 5,000
  • Handyman or cleaning after household emergencies
  • Telehealth services
  • IT consultations

Detailed description of services (Czech only, PDF, 248 kB)

Which cards offer the Home Assistance services?

4U Card

Requesting assistance services:

Cardholders shall call a nonstop Assistance Centre at +420 266 799 787. They shall provide information requested by an operator, who also proposes the best way for providing assistance.

Home Assistance services are provided by Global Assistance a.s.

The assistance services for cyclists represent a complete novelty in the associated services offered with payment cards.

You obtain the certainty not having to push your bicycle home from your tour because of an extraordinary event, such as a broken chain, or even worse accident or failure. You do not need to carry various tools for your cycling trips or call your friends for help with a haul. You can fully depend on the assistance service in the same way, as you are already accustomed, for instance, to the Roadside Assistance Services.

What cards offer the Bicycle Assistance Services?

Platinum Visa Debit Card, Credit Card World Elite

What all is covered by these assistance services?

  • Up to twelve cases a year of roadside assistance connected with repairs of  flat tires or broken chains or, if the bicycle is not roadworthy or cannot be repaired on the spot, haulage to a servicing centre, bicycle hire stations or a place of accommodation up to 50 kilometres
  • Up to two cases a year compensation/reimbursement for bicycle repairs in a servicing centre after an accident or breakdown up to CZK 1,000.00
  • The assistance is valid for the cardholder plus jointly travelling family (max. four persons and four bicycles)
  • The assistance is valid for bicycles, kick scooters, electric bikes, and electric scooters, even if hired in rental stations.
  • The assistance is valid for the whole territory of the Czech Republic overlapping 50 kilometres beyond the borders.

Detailed description of services (Conditions in PDF format  for download)

For more information click here.

How should I request the assistance?

The assistance service is available on a nonstop basis, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. The cardholder can request the assistance over the phone at the assistance centre of Global Assistance. He/she communicates the relevant particulars as requested by the assistance centre coordinator for the verification of the service claim as well as the emergency description and bicycle type. After this, the coordinator suggests an optimum way, in which the assistance service is to be provided.

The assistance phone number (company providing the assistance services) GLOBAL ASSISTANCE a.s.: + 420 266 799 787 (NONSTOP)

Some payment cards include complimentary international travel insurance. If you have such card, there is no need to do anything prior to going abroad – you are automatically covered.

We will provide you with a worldwide insurance coverage for the event of an accident or illness when travelling. It is better to be safe than sorry, as there are many situations, in which you can accidentally cause damage to someone. This is why the coverage also includes a third-party liability insurance (damage to both health and property) in the event your actions cause damage to another person – e.g. during a traffic accidents, when skiing, etc. Some travel insurance programs also cover the cost associated with lost luggage/identity documents or problems resulting from a delayed flight. Selected cards may also provide premium coverage relating to travel equipment or ski and golf equipment.

Extended travel insurance coverage forms an integral part of Gold or Platinum debit card and Credit Card World Elite.

TIP: Traveling with a payment card without worries, all over the world

Before you start your next journey, we have some tips and tricks for using payment cards abroad.

Find out how you can pay abroad in the simplest and most convenient way.

Go over some basic tips for using your card abroad to minimise the risk of fraudulent card use and to enjoy your vacation as much as possible.

Furthermore, we advise you to report your foreign trip to the bank in advance (particularly when travelling to more exotic destinations) to ensure the bank does not view your card transactions from halfway around the world as attempted card fraud.

Do not forget to report your foreign trip to us.

Why it pays to have international travel insurance

When travelling around Europe, an EU insurance card is usually not enough, as it only covers essential medical care that varies from country to country. Things that are covered in the Czech Republic or Germany may not be covered in Spain or Italy. And you have to pay for anything that exceeds the scope of the covered medical care.

What to do in case of problems abroad

In the event of any difficulties, it is first necessary to contact the Assistance Service and agree on further steps in order to avoid complications with the settlement of insurance benefits (if any). The Assistance Service will help you locate the nearest doctor, answer your questions, and advise you on how to proceed in the given situation. It is available 24/7. 

Which payment cards include travel insurance?

Platinum VisaCredit Card World EliteGold CardBusiness Gold CardBusiness Silver CardCorporate CardCorporate Gold Card, Viva Card

Save the following assistance service number: +420 272 101 030

Download an assistance card (PDF)

Are you travelling abroad and tired of waiting for your plane in a crowded airport terminal? Or is your flight delayed and you would like to relax somewhere prior to your departure? One of the benefits offered with our payment cards is airport lounge access. Some cards offer this service free of charge, while others will at least provide you with membership in exclusive clubs that allow you to access airport lounges. See what each card has to offer. Detailed information, including prices for the escort, or how to prove yourself in the individual lounges to allow you to enter, can be found here.

Overview of individual cards and access to the lounges (Czech version only, PDF, 116 kB)

Do you feel better knowing that someone will assist you at any time if you run out of gas in Austria, have a flat tire or something breaks down? Simply save the Global Assistance number in your phone and call it if necessary – either to get advice or assistance.

Which cards offer roadside assistance services?

Platinum debit card, Credit Card World Elite, Gold CardBusiness Gold CardBusiness Silver Card

Requesting assistance services in the Czech Republic and Europe:

Cardholders shall call a nonstop Assistance Centre at +420 266 799 787. They shall provide information requested by an operator, who also proposes the best way for providing assistance.

How will assistance services help you?  

  • 24/7 organisation of the relevant services by the control centre and interpretation services for any assistance provided abroad
  • Work of a roadside assistance mechanic – up to 60 minutes free of charge
  • Disabled vehicle towing to a service station or another location requested by the client – in the Czech Republic unlimited amount of kilometres in Eu rope up to 100 km  
  • Safekeeping of a client’s disabled vehicle  for up to 3 days free of charge
  • Providing a replacement vehicle for up to 3 days free of charge

What do our assistance services cover?

  • Assistance in case a vehicle breaks down or is involved in an accident, due to own fault and vandalism
  • Services are provided to KB cardholders and are not linked to a specific vehicle
  • Services can be used for 3 different registration marks per year of card validity
  • For motor vehicles designed for up 9 passengers (incl. a driver) and for motor vehicles with gross weight of no more than 3.5 tons
  • Coverage also extends to motorcycles

Detailed description of the services (PDF)

Where are the assistance services available?

  • Territory of the Czech Republic and Europe;
    • Part of the European continent (i.e. Continental Europe without islands) defined by the following countries: Albania, Andorra, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Croatia, Italy, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldavia, Monaco, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Romania, Greece, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey (European part), Vatican City, and the islands of Ireland, Iceland, and Great Britain.

Note: In some countries outside the European Union the assistance services quality and availability depend on local conditions and are not guaranteed.

Assistance number of GLOBAL ASSISTANCE a.s. + 420 266 799 787 (NONSTOP)

It has certainly happened to all of us. You are in a hurry to get to work or pick up children from school when you lock yourself out of your home. What now? If you have a KB card, you can immediately call a locksmith who will take care of it! Your card will also assist you if you have a household emergency.

With Lifestyle Assistance services, we can take care of your shopping or deliveries of flowers and presents, procure translation or interpretation services and many other things. Make your life easier and get more free time for yourself.

Which cards offer the Home and Lifestyle Assistance services?

A-CardLady Card

Home and Lifestyle Assistance services available 24/7 at + 420 272 101 030
(This service is provided by Komerční pojišťovna a.s.)

Covered services:

Provision of servicing at your home in the event of repairs, technical accidents or if you get locked out of your home, for example;

Technical accidents (emergencies) apply to the services of plumbers, electricians, heating or gas engineers, glass workshops, locksmiths, chimney sweeps, painters, and sewer cleaning.

Ticket and restaurant reservations, information about cinema/theatre programs, delivery of presents and flowers, translation and interpretation services, etc.

Looking for Champions League tickets? Do you want to rent a car in Sicily and project it crosswise? Are you looking for a renowned restaurant in London that fills articles in prestigious magazines? With one call and my selection, we will take care of everything for you. Services such as shopping, flower delivery, ticket reservations, restaurant seats, interpreting, event organization and much more are within easy reach.

Which cards have the Lifestyle Assistance Services?

Platinum VISA, Credit Card World Elite

Assistance number of the company providing the assistance service: AXA ASSISTANCE a.s.

+ 420 272 101 03

The Sphere VIP programme is one of the benefits available with payment cards. It is the largest loyalty program in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, allowing you to enjoy many benefits and significant discounts in your favourite stores. The programme comprises more than 10,000 great offers and special deals in the area of travel, accommodation, fashion, culture, beauty and wellness, housing, automotive, electronics or gastronomy. For a complete list of all stores participating in the Sphere VIP programme, visit the Sphere programme website

What payment cards offer the Sphere VIP programme?

A Card

How to use the Sphere VIP programme?

  • Activate your programme account. Enter the EAN code on the back of your A Card. You can complete the activation process either at the Sphere website or via the Sphere mobile app.
  • Enter the required personal data and complete the registration.
  • Browse a comprehensive catalogue of partners to see discounts offered by individual retailers.
  • Discounts are available both online and in stores (depending on individual retailers).

How to use a discount?

In stores – simply present a physical or digital A Card with an EAN code on the back thereof.

Online – enter the 13-digit EAN code shown on the back of your A Card in the field intended for a discount/promo code.


If you have any questions regarding your payment card issued by Komerční banka, do not hesitate to contact our dedicated KB Card Customer Service that is available 24/7 at +420 955 512 230 (even internationally) or at

You should immediately contact the KB Card Customer Services if your card is lost, stolen or if you suspect fraudulent use of your card (also in the event of a loss or theft of a mobile device that is used for the purpose of a Digital Card or suspected fraudulent use of a Digital Card) and block your card. This will prevent your card from being misused or at least mitigate potential loss.

Read our step by step instructions to follow if you lose your card.

The KB Card Customer Service is also shown on the back of your payment card. We advise you to save it in your mobile phone to have it readily available if necessary. To make things even easier, we have prepared a QR code for you (at the end of this page).

If you have an emergency abroad, the KB Card Customer Service will help you as follows:

  • Payment card blocking – e.g. in the event it is lost or stolen
  • Issuance and delivery of a replacement card
  • Delivery of a forgotten PIN abroad (cardholders can view their PIN in their Mobilní banka or Internet banking)
  • Provision of Emergency Cash Advance (via Mastercard / Visa card associations)
  • Issuance of a certificate confirming card ownership – if it is retained by an ATM
  • Issuance of a certificate confirming executed / cancelled transaction
  • Issuance of request for transaction cancellation
  • Issuance of a certificate confirming Priority Pass ownership
  • Issuance of a certificate confirming that a card was replaced by a new one – e.g. in case of a name change or lost card (e.g. where a hotel reservation was made with the original card)

Consult our overview of individual cards at and find out more about services available for each card.

Did not find an answer?

KB Card Customer Service 
Tel.: +420 955 512 230

We recommend that you save the contact info in your phone.