Payment card settings

What are the things you can easily set up for your card?

How can I change my payment card parameters?

In order to manage your card, you can use Mobilní banka or MojeBanka Internet banking, as this is the simplest and quickest way. Naturally, you can also modify your card parameters at KB branches, via Expresní linka or by contacting the KB Card Customer Service. For cards issued to your account, you can modify the following (among others): a limit for card payments at merchants, for cash withdrawals, and for internet payments.

If you are a cardholder, but not an owner of the account to which a card is issued, you will not be able to change some parameters. For example, modification of card limits can be done only by account owner in his /her internet banking MojeBanka or in application Mobilní banka.

Businesses, in particular, can make use of the card administrator functionality. 

Cardholders can change their card PIN  at any KB ATM.

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Did not find an answer?

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