My first Junior Card

Junior bank account and card as the first step to financial literary

10 principles for using your card

  1. Your payment card represents real money – when you use it, it is just like getting money out of your wallet
  2. The card is yours and only yours. You should know where it is at all times and never lend it to anyone
  3. Keep your card either with you (ideally in your wallet) or in a safe place at home
  4. You can also upload your card in a mobile phone or watch. To safely confirm payments, use fingerprint reader or facial recognition.
  5. Your card is not active until you either use it in an ATM or insert it in a POS terminal
  6. Make contactless payments by placing your hold near a POS terminal. You know that a transaction goes through when you hear a terminal beep. Only insert your card in a terminal, if specifically prompted by the terminal
  7. Before you make an ATM withdrawal, look around to make sure that no one will disturb you. You can also make contactless ATM withdrawals – if supported by the relevant ATM
  8. Only you know the card PIN. Is it hard to forget or you just do not like it? Simply change it in a KB ATM
  9. Your card can also be conveniently used to make payments on the Internet. To confirm a payment, use a code sent via a text message (SMS) or KB Klíč
  10. Keep an eye on your card – do not disclose the card number to anyone and do not share pictures of your card on social media

A PIN is a secret password for your card

  1. Each card has its own PIN. It is a secret passcode to the money in your account
  2. You can view your PIN for your new Junior Card in Mobilní banka or the MojeBanka Internet banking. Alternatively, you can figure it out if you follow instructions received with your card
  3. PIN is confidential and no one has the right to ask you for it – not your best friends, the bank or even the police
  4. You should not write your PIN down anywhere – it would no longer be a secret. If you cannot remember it, you can change it at a KB ATM. Select your new PIN wisely to ensure that it does not contain four identical or consecutive numbers. Even though combinations like 1111, 1010 or 1234 are easy to remember, they are not great in terms of security
  5. You can try a little trick to remember your PIN. Just imagine it as a shape and direction on the keypad. Your PIN may look like a triangle, cross or rectangle

    For example, you can remember PIN 5982 as follows:tipy
  6. However, if you forget your PIN, there is no need to panic. You can view it at any time in your Mobilní banka app
  7. If you suspect that someone else knows your PIN, you should change it immediately at the nearest KB ATM or call the KB Card Customer Service at 955 512 230. It is good to save this number in your mobile phone. It can be useful if you lose your card

How to make payments in stores

  1. Hold your card close to a terminal and wait for the beep
  2. If prompted by the terminal, insert your card and enter your PIN. It is good to cover the keypad with your other hand. It is normal that you have to insert your card in a terminal from time to time
  3. You can also make payments using your smartphone or watch – if you have mobile payments enabled. Mobile payments are more secure than standard card payments, because each payment has to be confirmed by your fingerprint, facial scan or code. You do not need Internet connection to make a payment – you only have to unlock your smartphone or watch
  4. If the payment does not go through, go to Mobilní banka and make sure that your account balance is sufficient
  5. Are you out of money in your account? No worries. :) Try to ask your parents for help. You can send a request for money to them directly from Mobilní banka (“Pay me”)

ATM cash withdrawals

  1. Before you start, you should look around and make sure that there is no one near you, who might disturb you or see your PIN
  2. For contactless ATMs, simply hold your card near the specified place and wait for the beep. For standard ATMs, insert your card
  3. Enter your PIN – if you forget it, there is no need to panic. You can view it in your Mobilní banka at any time
  4. Put your money away immediately, preferably in your wallet or pocket
  5. The Mobilní banka app monitors your card and sends you a notification of every cash withdrawal or payment. If someone were to steal your card or find out your card details and use it to make cash withdrawals or payments, you will know right away. In such case, you should immediately block your card at the KB Card Customer Service at 955 512 230

Making payments on the internet

  1. The limit for online payments can be set on the card by the parent – for example using their MojeBanka Internet banking
  2. Only use your card in trusted online stores. Before making a purchase, consult your parents and also read the standard terms and conditions. They include the merchant’s important information, such as rules of complaint procedure
  3. Always make sure that your account balance is sufficient to make your purchase
  4. Some games and music/video streaming services operate on the basis of subscriptions. Before you purchase a game, find out if it is associated with a one-time payment or a subscription. One-time payments make it easier to keep track of your budget
  5. In order to make a payment on the Internet, it is necessary to enter a card number and expiration date shown on the front of your card and the card verification code shown on the back (sometimes referred to as “CVC” or “CVC2”). It is often necessary to verify the payment using a code received in a text message (SMS) or to confirm it with KB Klíč

How much can you spend

  1. Your card represents real money – up to the disposable balance of your bank account. When you use your card, it is just like getting money out of your wallet. Prior to making a payment, make sure that your balance is sufficient
  2. You can verify your account balance at any time – for example in Mobilní banka app. The transaction history gives you an overview of your income and expenses

For parents

    • Talk to your children about how to protect a payment card and its PIN and how to use a card issued to a child’s account properly. You can also contact the KB Card Customer Service at 955 512 230 for some advice. And beware of the Internet world – such as in-game purchases in a mobile phone. You should monitor these purchases, at least at the beginning
    • To keep track of card payments, it is also useful to turn on notifications that will be sent to your mobile phone or email. You can activate notifications using your MojeBanka Internet banking

    TIP: For some mobile devices, it is possible to turn family sharing on. This makes it easier to monitor your children’s purchases – e.g. mobile games